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November 2019
Honours Research Dissertation
By Adam Taylor


Offsite construction methods appear to be underutilised in Australia compared to a number of other developed countries despite the apparent benefits over traditional construction being well researched. This study addresses how digital technologies utilised within offsite construction can overcome the challenges faced by current offsite construction practices. The aim of the study is to explore how digital technology can be utilised to enhance the productivity of offsite construction projects within Australia and more generally abroad. The study is designed to fulfil this aim by meeting the following four objectives. Firstly, to identify digital technologies currently utilised in offsite construction. Secondly, to identify the main challenges facing offsite construction within Australia and abroad. Thirdly, to identify the impacts of digital technology on offsite construction productivity. Fourthly, to identify digital transformation strategies to overcome the challenges facing offsite construction within Australia and abroad. The study focussed on collecting mainly qualitative and some supportive quantitative data from secondary sources which were then critically and thematically analysed in a document analysis approach. The key finding of the study was that certain combinations of certain types of digital technologies appeared to be the most effective for overcoming the challenges faced by offsite construction processes within Australia and abroad.

Wood Innovation Design Centre

Photo Credit: Ema Peter

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