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Codex Projects provide technical consulting for the rectification and prevention of building defects along with project management services for building preservation and development.

Forensic analysis methodologies are employed to diagnose and rectify building defects.

Preventative maintenance plans are devised and managed for the preservation of buildings, new and old.

Feasibility studies, design peer reviews, risk management and project management services are provided for new building projects throughout all stages of development including construction and occupation.


To utilise offsite construction technologies and systems to reduce the cost, waste and impact of buildings on the natural environment while improving their function and aesthetics.

Image by Nazarizal Mohammad


Over 90 years of combined family knowledge in building and a personal passion for nature conservation led Adam to establish Codex Projects in 2020, to help preserve and develop the urban environment in simpatico with our natural environment.

To meet the challenge of developing cost effective yet architectural and environmentally sustainable buildings, we aim to utilise offsite construction methodologies wherever possible due to the advantages over traditional, on-site construction. 

​The evolution of the ancient scroll into the codex is analogous to the evolving of on-site construction into offsite construction. Access to information on a scroll was sequential only, whereas the codex enabled random access. Similarly, on-site construction is sequential or linear only, whereas offsite construction enables key aspects of the project to occur simultaneously.

Research shows these methods significantly reduce time, cost, risk and waste while still delivering functionally, aesthetically and environmentally beautiful buildings.