Peer review of the design and construction of an apartment planter box.


Codex Projects provide specialist waterproofing consulting for the prevention and rectification of water related building defects.


We specialise in providing design peer review services for assessing waterproofing design discrepancy, BCA compliance, future water defect risk and for assisting in the development of Performance Solutions.


Building diagnostic services are provided for rectifying waterproofing related issues such as rain water ingress to apartment interiors and other water related defects. 

Development and project management services are also offered, specialising in offsite construction methods.


To utilise offsite construction technologies and systems to reduce the cost, waste and impact of buildings on the natural environment while improving their function and aesthetics.

Image by Nazarizal Mohammad
Adam Taylor


Codex Projects was established by Adam Taylor after he observed an opportunity from several years of research and waterproofing consulting to some of the most reputable property developers, designers, builders and infrastructure owners in Australia.

The opportunity is in the utilisation of digital technologies and offsite construction systems for designing and constructing buildings of better quality, aesthetics and performance while reducing costs, environmental impacts and overall risks in comparison to traditional in-situ construction systems.

​The evolution of the ancient scroll into the codex is analogous to the evolving of on-site construction into offsite construction. Access to information on a scroll was sequential only, whereas the codex enabled random access. Similarly, on-site construction is sequential or linear only, whereas offsite construction enables key aspects of the project to occur simultaneously.

Research shows these methods significantly reduce time, cost, risk and waste while still delivering functionally, aesthetically and environmentally beautiful buildings.